About Us

The Art East 133 team has become one of the foremost specialists in contemporary Vietnamese art, having been in business since the mid-1990s in London. The business was set up by Patrick Rochette and Sylvie Skeet to promote and sell contemporary Vietnamese art on the London market. In April 2010 the gallery at 133 Kensington Church Street was opened to provide a smart new location to show the works assembled and offered by Patrick and Sylvie. Working under the name of Art East 133, the gallery displays art from over a dozen of the leading contemporary artists in Vietnam.

Patrick Rochette has been a frequent visitor to Vietnam for over twenty five years and a one time resident there. Having previously run an art business in Paris, Patrick is a long standing collector and specialist in Vietnamese painting. He has got to know personally many of the leading artists in the country. His passion for the people, country and art has been one of the drivers behind Art East 133.

Patrick teamed up with former business colleague Sylvie to form the new venture to bring this exciting, innovative and very different art to the British and international UK based market. Rich in French cultural influence and schooled in the well regarded Ecoles des Beaux Arts in Hanoi, Vietnamese artists are producing an exciting mix of contemporary and centuries old traditional, Eastern and Western touches that has long been noted by specialist collectors and art lovers around the world. With a variety of styles and mediums, including lacquer on wood, oils on canvas, inks on silk and limited edition photographs, Vietnam’s art is now reaching a far wider and discerning audience.

The French colonial legacy and subsequent difficult history of Vietnam in the 20th Century have ensured that the country has remained remote from British minds and experience, and indeed the US market. Yet as the nation has emerged as a dynamic and vibrant economy of 80 million predominantly young people, the artistic drive of the country has been stepped up, and its distinctive styles, techniques and colours have become more widely recognised.

Art East 133 has sought to assemble and offer a cross section of works representing well established and widely admired artists with new and exciting talent that is already being discovered by collectors and enthusiasts. Art East 133 is able to show many different works in the modern two level gallery on Kensington Church Street and other works on the website. With long experience of dealing with the artists in Vietnam and carefully selecting some of the best works, Art East 133 has cultivated an increasingly international client base and is able to ship works worldwide, including in recent years the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and across Europe. Clients include collectors, corporates, interior designers and casual visitors who fall in love with the vibrant works on display in London.

There is a lot to discover about the art produced in this busy South East Asian nation. Specialist in lacquer employ centuries old techniques to create elaborate portraits or landscapes on hard wood panels while other work in more traditional oils on canvas or gouache on paper. There are remarkable paintings on silk that assume an ethereal look, or on rice paper, each a technique different from the next. Still life subjects, landscapes, people, abstract images fill the paintings but there are also breath-taking limited edition photographs from one of Vietnams leading photographers, who specialises in capturing images and impressions of his home country and has already sold his work worldwide.

Art East 133 has been one of the specialist pioneers dealing in Vietnamese art in Europe and the first to exclusively offer works from Vietnam in exhibitions and now the gallery in London. We are able to source works to order and offer advice to potential individual or corporate customers, drawing on an extensive stock of art and our strong links to the artists themselves.

Vietnamese arts is now at the forefront of a global trend as collectors seek out new and exciting works and inspiration in less traditional parts the world. This trend has seen strong growth in interest in many emerging markets and a sharp rise in values of the work of the foremost artists. We at Art East 133 are proud to have long been a part of the discovery and international development of Vietnamese art and look forward to working with clients to identify pictures for them to invest in and treasure.

ART EAST 133 is dedicated to introducing a whole new audience of Western art lovers to the subtleties and spectacular depths of Asian painting and decorative arts.

ART EAST 133 will help you discover an exciting variety of established and talented Vietnamese artists, who offer a diversity of techniques and forms.

We specialise in Vietnamese contemporary paintings, including lacquer, oil and silk paintings, and limited edition signed photographs.

Please take a look at the pictures presented on this site. We hope you will find something you will like.

Sylvie Skeet
Patrick Rochette