Our Gallery

We are pleased to illustrate some of the hundreds of works of art that are either on display at the Gallery or in storage, but available for sale. Art East maintains a stock of exquisite art sourced directly from Vietnam and acquired over many years of working with the artists there. We invite clients to contact us to discuss what we have available that might suit your tastes and requirements. The Gallery has worked closely with Interior Decorators and consultants as our large stock offers a range of styles and themes which are readily available for immediate delivery in Europe or around the world.

Sunset on the Pond


157.00cm wide  136.00cm high

Oil on Canvas



140.50cm wide  104.00cm high

Framed Oil on Canvas

Life Over Water


136.00cm wide  131.00cm high

Oil on Canvas

My Village


168.00cm wide  99.00cm high

Oil on canvas .

The Sign


110.50cm wide  75.00cm high


La Serviette Bleue


89.00cm wide  88.50cm high

Framed Oil on Canvas

One Pillar Pagoda


172.00cm wide  146.00cm high

Framed Oil on Canvas

Blue Graduation


160.00cm wide  90.00cm high

Oil on canvas

Golden Buddha


120.00cm wide  120.00cm high


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ART EAST 133 is dedicated to introducing a whole new audience of Western art lovers to the subtleties and spectacular depths of Asian painting and decorative arts.

ART EAST 133 will help you discover an exciting variety of established and talented Vietnamese artists, who offer a diversity of techniques and forms.

We specialise in Vietnamese contemporary paintings, including lacquer, oil and silk paintings, and limited edition signed photographs.

Please take a look at the pictures presented on this site. We hope you will find something you will like.

Sylvie Skeet
Patrick Rochette